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Vibecode is a new communication technology for local businesses. Like your business phone number, each Vibecode is unique to every physical store. Although your business phone number can only accept voice-based messages, your Vibecode is designed to accept text-based messages. It is a new way for physical retailers to communicate with their customers, making it 10X easier to manage, optimize and grow customer relationships (CRM).

Experience the Prototype of VibeCode

Experience the Prototype of VibeCode

Where a phone number is a unique telecommunications identifier for a given business, and businesses can only have the same number for their business. This is where Vibecode comes into action, a unique geolocation identifier for a given business that can be used for messaging, marketing, loyalty, and a host of other business-related use cases for physical retailers. It is also exclusive to a single business; as a result, you can think of a Vibecode as a new type of phone number made exclusively for physical retailers.

App Features

  • Unique Geolocation Identifier
  • Fast Messaging
  • New Phone Number in a Few Clicks
  • Business Exclusivity
  • Easy to Manage
  • 100% Optimised
  • Improved Customer Relationships

Challenges Encountered

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Typography & Colors

Argentum Sans

Argentum Sans Font is designed as a branding and editing solution. With it’s nine weights, ranging from a sleek Thin weight to a solid and heavy-duty Black weight, this family is designed to be versatile and flexible for use in a range of projects and media.

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